Multi-sectoral Anemia Coordination

SPRING is focused on strengthening multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder, and integrated anemia platforms. A key aspect to successful integration of anemia programs is the coordination of multiple stakeholders’ activities at the global, national, and sub-national levels. At the global level, SPRING collaborates with United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition (UNSCN) to host and moderate the Accelerated Reduction Effort on Anaemia (AREA) Community of Practice, which is an online forum of stakeholders from around the world who share a common objective of improving the implementation of anemia programs. At the national level, SPRING has undertaken a range of activities in support of multi-sectoral national anemia platforms in three countries: Ghana, Uganda, and Sierra Leone. SPRING’s engagement in each country provides unique insight into challenges and successes related to multi-sectoral anemia programming. At the sub-national level, the implementation of the District Assessment Tool for Anemia (DATA) contributes to increasing collaboration in program implementation between different sectoral programs.


DATA training of trainers participants
Mar 2017
SPRING/Ghana conducted a training of trainers workshop for district-level trainers to implement the District Assessment Tool for Anemia.
A group of women attending a handwashing seminar.
Mar 2017
The Kyrgyz Republic national deworming working group, with SPRING support, developed a new clinical protocol for prevention and treatment of helminth infection.
Mar 2017
This International Women's Day, SPRING shows its appreciation for women around the world, honoring their achievements and recognizing the contributions they make to healthy families, communities, and...

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