Nutrition SBCC At-Scale

How to Achieve Impact at Scale

Recognizing the need for concerted action to increase nutrition impacts through at-scale social and behavior change communication (SBCC) programs, SPRING is working to identify how to achieve accelerated nutrition gains through better SBCC programs. Through a collaboration led by SPRING and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), thought-leaders and experts worked together to identify key principles of effective at-scale SBCC. In 2014, this culminated in a broader stakeholder conference called Designing the Future of Nutrition Social and Behavior Change Communication: How to Achieve Impact at Scale.

The Strategic Agenda for Nutrition SBCC that came out of this meeting aims to provoke discussion and catalyze change among existing nutrition and SBCC institutions, decision-makers, practitioners, and influencers. Notably, USAID includes SBCC as a key activity in its 2014-2025 Multi-sectoral Nutrition Strategy, which presents an important opportunity for USAID’s partners to move the strategic agenda forward. We believe that the cumulative efforts of multiple actors taking this agenda forward will lead to substantial improvements in global nutrition.

Strategic Agenda for Nutrition SBCC

  • Promote Scale-Focused Nutrition SBCC
  • Drive Excellence in Design and Implementation
  • Engage World-Class People and Partners
  • Build on the Existing Evidence Base for SBCC's Impact on Nutrition
  • Persuade Decision-Makers that SBCC is Critical for Tackling Malnutrition


Focus groups meet to answer questions from SPRING and FRI
Mar 2017
SPRING/Guinea and FRI conducted an assessment to develop an interactive rural radio strategy that the SMARTE project can use to encourage nutrition-sensitive and specific practices.
DFN representative giving a welcome speech at the learning event
Dec 2016
SPRING/Sierra Leone and HKI hosted an event to share findings from a barrier analysis, an adapted value chain analysis of fish and pumpkin consumption, and an assessment on infant feeding and hygiene...