Image of the front page of the article featuring SPRING

SPRING Featured in Emergency Nutrition Network's Field Exchange

The Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN) highlighted SPRING in the recent edition of their Field Exchange publication. The article opened with an overview of the SPRING project and then continued with a description of SPRING’s main areas of work.

ENN asked Project Director Carolyn Hart and Director of Global Initiatives Anuradha Narayan to highlight what they felt were SPRING’s areas of success so far. Both Carolyn and Anuradha felt that the mass media and interpersonal communication work around behavior change were highlights of SPRING’s work. They also said that the work on linking agriculture and nutrition was critically important.

After discussing SPRING’s strengths, the conversation moved to challenges that the nutrition sector faces moving forward. Carolyn sees the biggest challenge as the disconnect between food systems and the nutrition needs of families and communities. Anuradha felt that SPRING may not have used the collective voice of its partnership to the best effect as of yet and is interested in reaching out to multiple partners to share information and learning.

Finally, the ENN asked how SPRING fits into the “nutrition architecture.” Carolyn said that SPRING provides critical technical support and learning for USAID’s nutrition program implementation. Anuradha added that while working with multiple partners is challenging, each partner has different skill sets and complementary experience that helps the project to work effectively.