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Featured Publications

Photo of a mother carrying her child on her back.
Briefs | June 2018
Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training Resource Package
Series | March 2018
Front cover [title] Photo-to-Illustration Guide A Resource for the Development of Health Communication Visual Materials [cover illustration] Foreground: a collage of nine illustrations of mothers with their children or by themselves. "USAID." SPRING logo”
Job Aids and Tools | February 2018
A mother holds her baby up in the air. Both look happy. The mother smiles at the baby. The baby smiles at the camera.
Reports | August 2017
Two men sit together, one behind the other. The man in front holds a video camera and looks at it intensely. The man behind looks wears headphones and has a laptop in his lap. He looks over the first man's shoulder at the camera.
Job Aids and Tools | June 2017
Woman and man in field. Credit: Cambodia HARVEST
Training Materials | April 2017
Two children smile at the camera.
Briefs | April 2017
Saidi Abdullai and her 10-month old baby, Basharia. Saidi is a member of the Rahama mother-to-mother support group in Ningi village in Bauchi, Nigeria.
Reports | March 2017
Recommendations along the life cycle graphic
Briefs | December 2016
The evaluators discussing the package
Series | December 2016
Icons representing sectors involved in multi-sectoral anemia programming
Series | September 2016
Children standing in a line on the sand
Reports | September 2016
Pathways to Better Nutrition Case Study Series thumbnail
Series | July 2016
The budget cycle
Series | October 2015
Diagram showing how anemia can be prevented across the lifespan
Series | October 2015
Photo of women sitting in a circle
Series | September 2015
Health worker examining pregnant woman
Job Aids and Tools | April 2015
REF-NACS partner logos
Job Aids and Tools | April 2015
Context Assessment Tool Overview
Series | January 2015
Shooting video of food preparation
Reports | October 2014
SBCC Pathways for Improved Maternal, Infant, and Young Child Nutrition Practices
Briefs | October 2014
Woman in a radio station. Courtest of Development Media International
Reports | September 2014
country map of anemia prevelence
Series | September 2014
woman holding baby
Series | September 2014
farmer in the field
Series | March 2014
The Nigeria IYCF Package
Training Materials | July 2013