Linking Agriculture and Nutrition

SPRING Participates in SUN Uganda Launch

Agriculture is fundamental to nutrition as it supplies food for all human beings. It is also a primary way people make a living in most developing countries. In collaboration with USAID and other global development partners, SPRING is building the evidence base around how nutritional outcomes may be strengthened through agricultural programming. Drawing on its team of agriculture, behavior change, and nutrition experts and the diverse programmatic and research experience of its partners, SPRING is working with USAID Missions to refine and apply a common framework for improving nutritional outcomes through agriculture. The SPRING team is documenting innovations and results, delivering technical assistance, and mobilizing stakeholders to improve the design, implementation and monitoring of Feed the Future activities. SPRING is also working directly with market-led value chain activities to translate planned improvements in food systems to support improved nutritional outcomes among Feed the Future target groups. Learn more about SPRING’s work by clicking on the links below.


Women dance under a tree to as part of the lively celebration.
Feb 2017
SPRING/Senegal organized a two-day workshop on improved village-level poultry rearing for members of its agricultural partner networks.
Nathan Park, center, poses with SPRING volunteers and trainers after a session on methods of long term storage and preservation of nutritious foods at home.
Feb 2017
Deputy Mission Director Nathan Park visited SPRING activity sites in Kok-Jangak rayon, where he participated in a training on home-based storage of nutritious foods, and joined a home visit to...
Orientation participant looking at a SPRING infographic
Feb 2017
SPRING led a nutrition sensitive agriculture orientation for consortium organization managers from the EAIN project in Sierra Leone.