Pathways and Principles for Linking Agriculture and Nutrition

SPRING works to bring agriculture and nutrition interventions closer together through a framework we call the agriculture-to-nutrition pathways. The pathways improve nutritional outcomes through agriculture and help ensure that Feed the Future’s nutrition goals are being met. The pathways help illustrate—

  • how various agriculture investments or activities could improve access to food and health care
  • how they impact and are affected by the enabling environment
  • how they affect the nutrition of individual women and children

The accompanying principles guide program planners in designing, implementing, and monitoring integrated programs.

The pathways and principles frame all the work we do. We—

  • teach global practitioners how to understand and apply the pathways and principles to improve the design, implementation, and monitoring of Feed the Future activities focused on measurable outcomes for improved nutrition
  • conduct global learning exchanges to share practical applications of the pathways and principles.


Seasonal calendar exercise during the nutrition-sensitive agriculture training
Jun 2016
Faculty and students of Guinea’s agricultural university, along with NGO partners, participated in a SPRING training on nutrition-sensitive agriculture concepts.