US Ambassador to Bangladesh, Dan Mozena, and USAID Mission Director, Janina Jaruzelski, visited a SPRING farmer field school to learn first-hand about nutrition efforts.

US Ambassador and USAID Mission Director Dig in to Household Farming

How better to show SPRING’s ongoing work in Bangladesh than to ask the US Ambassador and the USAID Mission Director to participate in a refresher homestead food production course for local women?

Surrounded by close to 40 individuals – project leaders, local staff, facilitators, and farmer field school participants – Mr. Mozena and Ms. Jaruzelski learned about the nutritional value of bottle gourd, what to feed a 9-month old baby, and all about the uses of a ‘tippy tap’ for hand-washing. The delegation from the Embassy also met directly with SPRING/Bangladesh participants and learned about their motivations for growing nutritious vegetables and raising poultry and fish.

The delegation’s visit to Patuakhali is just one example of the increasing interest in SPRING/Bangladesh’s efforts to improve family nutrition across the country. With more than 77,000 participants to date and supportive relationships across both health and agricultural Ministries, SPRING/Bangladesh is demonstrating the importance of linking nutrition with agriculture all the way from the household to the national level.