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Designing the Future of Nutrition Social and Behavior Change Communication: How to Achieve Impact at Scale

Event Dates: 
November 05, 2014 to November 06, 2014
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SPRING is engaging in a unique partnership to move social and behavior change communication (SBCC) to the top of the nutrition agenda. Recognizing the need for concerted action to increase nutrition impacts through at-scale SBCC programs, SPRING partnered with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) to convene a gathering of global SBCC thought leaders from across public and private sectors to develop a strategic research and implementation agenda and action plan for accelerated nutrition gains through better SBCC programs.

USAID’s Bureau for Global Health called on SPRING to join forces with GAIN to convene an Expert Working Group of diverse SBCC thought leaders from nutrition, health, WASH, and HIV, and private sector marketing, to identify priority focus areas for getting to more and better nutrition SBCC. This process was informed by a summary of recent evidence reviews for established and promising nutrition SBCC approaches and practices, including SPRING’s literature review, Evidence of Effective Approaches to Social and Behavior Change Communication for Preventing and Reducing Stunting and Anemia.

Conference attendees

This conference built upon one of the key themes that emerged from the year-long work of a working group of SBCC experts: doing great SBCC for nutrition with an at-scale mindset. This included considering scale from the initial planning and design phase, engaging local systems meaningfully, and creatively partnering across disciplines and sectors to maximize impact. The resources below include background materials used to inform the conference agenda as well as presentations from both days of the event.

Meeting Agenda (PDF, 163 KB)
Participant List (PDF, 418 KB)
Speaker, EWG, and CG Member Biographies (PDF, 540 KB)

Please note that many presentations included multimedia not available here. More information about GAIN's Maternal, Infant, and Young Child Nutrition work can be found here.

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Materials and Presentations

Framing the Conference
Framing the Day (PDF, 292 KB) Marti van Liere, GAIN
Sascha Lamstein, SPRING
Mike Manske, USAID
Designing for Scale
Suaahara Nutrition Project Overview of Scalable SBCC Interventions
(PDF, 3.64 MB)
Basil Safi, JHU-CCP
Mumbai Suburban Railway (PDF, 4.97 MB)
Deeper Dive into Mumbai Railway
(PDF, 6.59 MB)
Ram Prasad, Final Mile
BADUTA Behaviour-Centred Design (PDF, 1.56 MB)
Deeper Dive into BADUTA (PDF, 2.56 MB)
Marti van Liere, GAIN
Val Curtis, LSHTM
Systems Thinking and Scale
National Integrated Nutritional Strategy : A System Thinking Approach (PDF, 33.2 MB)
Anabelle Bonvecchio, INSP
Systems Thinking and Scale (PDF, 102 KB) Presenter
Ashley Aakesson,

Panel Discussion
Anabelle Bonvecchio,
Richard Kohl,
Ellen Messer, Tufts University
Dominic Schofield, GAIN

Research for Scale
Research at Scale Overview (PDF, 101 KB) Sascha Lamstein, SPRING
Alive and Thrive: Can We Scale Up Nutrition? (PDF, 3.89 MB) Ann Jimerson, FHI360
Silvia Alayon, FHI360
Community-Based Video, India (PDF, 2.38 MB) Vinay Kumar, Digital Green
Can Mass Media Save Lives? (PDF, 1.03 MB) Joanna Murray, DMI
Implementing at Scale
Implementation at Scale (PDF, 101 KB)
Peggy Koniz-Booher, SPRING
Reducing Malnutrition and Child Deaths Using Care Groups (PDF, 4.64 MB)
Narrated Presentation
Tom Davis, Feed the Children
Creating Impact at Scale (PDF, 234 KB) Andrew Schirmer, McCann
Panel Discussion
Facilitator: Anuradha Narayan, SPRING
Ann Jimerson, FHI360
Andrew Schirmer, McCann
Tom Davis, Feed the Children
Designing the Future of At-Scale Nutrition SBCC: Shared Key Principles
Designing the Future of At-Scale Nutrition SBCC: Shared Key Principles (PDF, 100 KB)
Lessons from the inter-sectoral Pilot Projects: Karnataka Nutrition Mission, India (PDF, 1.70 MB)
Marti van Liere,

Panel Discussion
Facilitator: Carolyn Hart,
Katie Taylor,
Child and Maternal Survival Coordinator, USAID
Marc Van Ameringen, Executive Director, GAIN
Ellen Piwoz, Senior Program Officer, Nutrition, BMGF
Veena Rao, Advisor to the Government of India
Abdou Kasso, Advisor to the Government of Niger