Acting in the Anthropocene: The EAT–Lancet Commission

Currently, no universal synthesis exists on how to implement sustainable healthy consumption and production eating patterns. The EAT – Lancet Commission is a new commission that will document the complex mechanics of the food system, and investigate the connections between diet, human health, and the state of the planet to provide a basis for new, evidence-based integrated policies. The commission will assess if it’s possible to deliver healthy diets to a growing world population from sustainable food systems, and what implications it might have for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. The results of this assessment are expected in 2017 and will provide the foundation for an evidence-based roadmap that links policy, behavioral change, business practices, and technology out to 2050.

Rockström, J., Stordalen, G., Horton, R. The Lancet (June, 2016). Vol. 387.