The epidemiology of malaria and anaemia in the Bonikro mining area, central Côte d'Ivoire

The authors of this study conducted a cross-sectional survey in seven communities situated in central Côte d'Ivoire and found that malaria and anemia were highly endemic among children aged six to 59 months. A knowledge, attitudes, and practices survey undertaken as part of the study revealed insufficiencies in knowledge of malaria transmission and prevention (i.e., fewer than half of the mothers correctly identified how malaria is transmitted), indicating that intervention campaigns should be accompanied with context-specific information, education, and communication strategies. As the communities surveyed fall within a major mining area, malaria control in this area may serve direct business interests and could provide cooperate social responsibility opportunities for the private sector.

Knoblauch, AM, MS Winkler, C. Archer, MJ Divall, M. Owuor, RM Yapo, PA Yao, and J. Utzinger. "The Epidemiology of Malaria and Anaemia in the Bonikro Mining Area, Central Côte D'Ivoire." Malaria Journal 13, no. 194 (2014).