Evaluating Nigeria's Community Infant and Young Child Feeding Counselling Package

Community-based infant and young child feeding (C-IYCF) promotion, counseling, and support has been acknowledged as one of the key pillars for improving nutritional status during the critical first 1,000 days. In spite of the global interest in UNICEF's generic C-IYCF Counseling Package, little was known about its impact on IYCF behaviors in the countries where it has been adapted. In response, SPRING partnered with UNICEF, the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) of Nigeria, the Kaduna State Ministry of Health (SMOH), and the Kajuru local government area (LGA) to evaluate the Package and share the findings both nationally and internationally, to inform future investments in C-IYCF programming.

The resources below include links to the final evaluation report, the summary report, as well as earlier reports, interim briefs, training materials, evaluation tools, success stories, status updates, and other related content.


Reports that will be produced for the evaluation include: the Baseline, Mid-Process Assessment, and Endline Reports. This section also includes the study protocol, data collection tools, and C-IYCF training materials.

Photo: A woman looking over counseling papers. Sascha Lamstein, SPRING.
Reports | June 2018
Women attend a C-IYCF support group meeting in Nigeria. Sascha Lamstein, SPRING.
Reports | November 2016
Screen capture of the report's cover page
Reports | December 2016
Community Volunteers complete a simple register at the end of each support group meeting
Job Aids and Tools | September 2016


These interim briefs discuss key themes and baseline results relevant to the Nigeria C-IYCF Counselling Package Evaluation, including the implications of baseline results for implementation of the package.

Photo of an infant on a woman's shoulder
Briefs | November 2016
Photo of a woman holding IYCF cards
Briefs | November 2016

Data Placemats

These data placemats summarize key findings regarding program processes, caregivers’ knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and practices, as well as service providers’ skills and knowledge. They have been used in a variety of settings to encourage discussion and come to shared recommendations for continued implementation and scale-up of C-IYCF activities.

Page 1 of the infographic, see PDF for full alternate text
Infographics | December 2017

News, Photo Galleries, Success Stories, and Progress Reports

This section includes news items, success stories, photo galleries, and other resources compiled during implementation. Progress reports provide updates on operations, participation numbers, challenges, etc. throughout implementation and are produced bi-annually.

Photo of several women seated and holding an illustrated diagram.
Reports | November 2016
Young girls listen to an interview with a newly married woman who regularly attends CIYCF support group meetings.
Reports | December 2016